About Polly

Speaker ~ Author ~ Freedom Coach ~ NLP PRACTITIONER

Polly is an insatiable finder of beautiful things in the midst of everyday life. One day in her search, God spoke, and everything changed. From that day forward, she chose to partner with Him in the search for beauty in unusual places, but especially that found in all people. She deeply desires to help others discover they are extravagantly loved and, in so doing, find themselves.

Polly’s speaking style and her approach to her favorite topics has grown from her unique ability to connect to the world around her. She loves to speak on the themes of identity, overcoming shame and finding your destiny through reconnecting to God. She is passionate about teaching and training others who do the same thing.

Finding and fighting for beauty also led Polly to found a ministry that reached out to women whose identities were strangled through involvement in the sex industry. Over the years, countless women have come to find themselves and a loving God, in the same way Polly did. 

Five years of growing and developing this ministry has cultivated within her a much broader vision for not just helping men and women, but others who want to do the same. Her skills in training and strategizing, her perspective and vision in giving life, and her unique style of reaching into the world have led Polly to consult with and equip others who are in various stages of ministry development. From skills to strategy, Polly would love to help. 

Her passion for and study of art are expressed in a broad range of abstract paintings and live or personal prophetic paintings. These works come from all she sees and senses in the world and God’s Kingdom. 

Whether through paint on canvas, words spoken or written, or fighting for the next one or ones placed in front of her, Polly would like to help you find beauty again.

Her vision in life is to see people walk in the fullness of who God created them to be. For years Polly has been helping individuals find freedom and hope from hurting and stuck places.  She is a published author, speaker, and teacher. She walks with clients, whether in person or a phone/Skype session, as   Freedom Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and an Organizational Consultant. 

Polly and her husband Bob have a wonderful blended family of six grown kids, two in-loves & three awesome grand babies! She is an abstract artist who loves the beach, bike riding, tennis and secretly wants a house full of Corgis!

If you would like to contact Polly for a consultation, session or speaking event please email her at: Polly@PollyHamp.com 

Polly's story has been featured on:

 Life Today with James & Betty Robison, 700 Club Interactive and Daystar’s Table Talk with Joni Lamb. She has been featured in multiple publications, radio shows and podcasts. She believes we each have a powerful voice and we each get to be a light wherever we go! 

"Christ's love was not cautious but extravagant. Love like that!" Ephesians 5:2


Read more of Polly's freedom journey through her book, Cherished: Shattered Innocence. Restored Hope. Revised