I find it fascinating that the myths about strippers is that of a glamorized life. That women are happy to be dancing and taking off their clothes for sex crazed lonely men.

Guess what?

Men. You are being lied to. “Men have needs” is an excuse to validate a weakness in partaking and feeding the sex industry. It’s a downward spiral.

Women. You think that “stripper” actually enjoys her life?  Think again. Us judging her for her lifestyle makes us no better than the lifestyle that is destroying her.

I’ve never written a blog quite like this before. But my blood is boiling & my heart is breaking. I was invited by TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking) to be a guest on the Dave Nemo show this morning. This show is a live syndicate via Sirius Radio & the focus is to truck drivers across America & Canada.

Dave talked to his audience and said how we (the truckers) have experienced girls knocking on their cabs to turn a trick late at night. He said this like it’s a common fact and probably every trucker knows about it or has experienced it. He then talked about how grateful he was for TAT to bring awareness. That these are not just “bad” little girls but trafficked and forced to do this horrific task to “meet the needs of lonely men”. Yet most people in general think that visiting a strip club is harmless.

 Here are just 5 reasons not to visit a strip club.

In case you wonder why I would have validity to speak on this matter I am a former stripper. I also founded a ministry that reaches out to the women in the industry. So here goes!

1. Up to 95% of the women have been sexually abused as children. As Kylla Lanier from TAT so well said on the interview, “You are watching a woman’s abuse played out on stage.” Could you now honestly watch a woman stripping on stage or working on film knowing that as a little girl someone was violently abusing and stealing her innocence? Let’s hope not.

2. There is a reason why the women who work at strip clubs change their names. We do not want you to know our identities. We actually feel we have to change our own to be able to strip or do porn. I had to leave “Polly” outside the doors of the club and changed into “Blaze” to do what I was about to do.

3. The woman you are watching strip is someone’s daughter, sister, cousin, mother or friend. Would you actually allow your daughter to strip and push her sexuality toward hungry crazed men? If you are a real man/father you would probably kick the butt of any man who would try to touch or say horrific things to your daughter. Right? I sure hope so!

4. Several women in the clubs are being controlled by a pimp or boyfriend who’s making them strip/prostitute and you will never know. She is trained to lie because if she shares the truth and tries to get help she will get beaten, threatened or maybe even killed. Stripping can be a doorway to trafficking.

5. You are worth more than feeding an industry that devalues, destroys and ultimately kills your soul and life. You, as a man, are created to protect women. You have a calling and strength in you that is being emptied by porn, strip clubs, sexual addiction and affairs. You think it doesn’t harm anyone? Brother, it is destroying your heart, life, family and numbing your soul.

You are worth more than that.
You are worth fighting for.
You are not alone.

And to all you judgers of strippers, prostitutes, the prostituted, the easy girls at school and the guys addicted to this atrocity…you don’t know their story. Don’t be the one that proves to them Christian’s are judgmental and arrogant. Yes, it can be scary to see the truth but if you choose not to see it you become like the ones Jesus chastised and turned His back on. We may not be able to save them but we can love them and be a powerful light!

“Christ’s love was not cautious but extravagant. Love like that.” Ephesians 5:2 (Msg)

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