I danced yesterday.

One of my daughters had come over and hung out with us for a few hours. We listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack while we all made lunch and then my daughter RyRy and I worked on ballet positions, high kicks and had fun with balance and movement!

It made my heart stir, ache and long for movement again.

Ry left for school, my husband, Bob, left for an appointment and I was left alone.

I turned on the music and danced.




Wore myself out!

Oh my goodness I LOVE dancing!

I used to dance to please others in a setting that stole my soul. I would hand my heart over to men who did not deserve it and it twisted the meaning of dance, of movement, of expression, of joy.

But now there is no shame to my movement. There is no shame to the graceful bends, a pointed toe to direct a move and the long reach of a hand to a faraway dream.

Today...I will dance again.