Keeping it real...

Sometimes requires strategy.

And sometimes I catch myself stumbling through my strategy: mountains high and valleys low. Right?

I set everything out. Make my lists. Get side tracked, (like painting the crown of my antlers gold, because it needed to happen.)

I consume way too much coffee but…oh my goodness it’s soooooo yummy!!!!

I get stuck & afraid on emails about taxes, praying for my daughters while they finish college & get ready for HUGE adventures this summer, trying to figure out how to upload things on Amazon, updating my website, looking for a job, writing my next book, & wondering about my next steps as God leads me & should I do my dishes now or later.

Life continues, that’s nothing new, but I catch myself saying not kind things to myself. A voice that says I’m stupid & I can’t figure things out. That tackling Amazon & UPS’s websites & the likes are above my brain-grade.

I’ve heard it said before, “Those who can’t, teach.” And sometimes I say this to myself.

I think of the words I speak & share on cute little pictures…am I a hypocrite when I struggle with not feeling brave, thoughts of self-doubt & lies. And for a moment, I step back and say, “Maybe I should just stop until I get it all together.”

And then I read Psalms. I read God’s powerful Word spoken through His sons and daughters that NEVER had it completely together. That doubted, feared & almost lost hope. I wonder if David, Esther, Paul, Nehemiah, John and the likes thought, “Those who can’t, teach”?

I bet they did in one-way or the other. The thing about that sentence is how do you know what to teach if you can’t? You’re either highly educated on a subject and you’re winging it or maybe, just maybe, you’ve lived it, learning it, walking through it, saying it because you know God’s truth and standing on it.

Keeping it real means to me you don’t have your life all together but you take it in your hands and lift it up to the One Who does & say, “God, I trust You, I give to You, I love You & I will, can & know You make all things beautiful for those who trust in You!”

Be kind to yourself today. Tell the thoughts that might be saying, “You’re stupid, not enough, not worthy, you’re too much or what’s the point.”, to stop! Shut-up! Leave! And allow the God that sees EVERYTHING about your journey to show you how He sees you. And let His Words teach you.

You CAN do this!

Have a beautiful day Cherished Ones!