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Play In The Rain


Play In The Rain

Tonight I rode my bike to the grocery store.

I carried the cute wicker basket in to go get a couple of things.

I noticed the clouds building in the South but went into the store anyway.

I came out with my things, put the basket back on my bike and undid the lock.

The clouds were above my head and weighted heavy with water.

I mounted my seafoam green cruiser and it began to sprinkle.

As I continued down the path the clouds opened up and a beautiful heavy summer rain poured on me all the way home.

I started to cry tears that matched the droplets of rain.

In the rain your tears are hidden.

I wasn't crying because it was raining on me like a bad luck thing.

I was crying because I felt Gods love pouring on me!

The rain was cool & refreshing!

I hadn't played in the rain in years!

And tonight I was surprised with His love pouring down on me and I got to delight in the rain!

In the next couple of days we are supposed to get rain.

I suggest you go play in it.





Jump in the puddles

Play in the rain.


I wrote this June 16, 2014. Close to the same evening that I received news that changed the course of my life. God's goodness never wavered and He still pours His love on me and I still play in the rain! 

Always play in the rain!  


You Ok?


You Ok?

You ok?

I haven't seen you or heard from you in a while.

I've heard some things about what's been going on from other people but wanted to ask you directly...

You ok?

I've heard some rumors. 

I've heard some sad things about what you're going through and how much they loved & were praying for you.

I've heard some others say some distorted  things about you & your circumstances, making it sound like they didn't really know or understand in the first place what was going on with you.

So I stopped them in their talking about you & wanted to reach out to you directly.

To check in...

To say, Hey. I love you. You don't have to defend, explain or tell me anything if you don't want to share. I just want you to know I will not listen to others about what they think has happened in your life. I know things may look one way but I know better than to believe what I see before I create thoughts and judgements around those.

I'm pretty sure we all know what it's like for people to think they know all about our circumstances & share it with others & the pain that it causes in us.

I can't imagine how hard it's been for you to walk through so many different changes & the deep pain you must feel.



Lack of trust.

And the whole mass of emotions connected to circumstances.

Just remember my friend, you are seen. You are known. You are loved & I believe in you!

Oh. And one more thing, not everyone listens to & entertains rumors. There are some of us that set aside those things and pray and ask directly.

Please know I totally understand if you don't respond to me.

I know it may be hard to trust again but in time you will. God will bring wonderful caring, seeing, loving people around you to remind you of those things.

So I just wanted to reach out for a moment and say hi and that I love you.




Who Knew? (The Dangers of Self-Care)


Who Knew? (The Dangers of Self-Care)


Self-Care Dangers

Ah…it’s the end of the week! You’ve worked you’re rear off and gave everything you had to every bit of life’s little urgencies. Now it’s time for that little thing everyone in social media counseling land is encouraging: take care of your mind, body and spirit. Better known as ”Self-Care”.

Awareness has moved forth in our generation of craziness that one must step back, breathe and care for ones self. Levels of stress may not only be quenched by the overpriced frothy goodness from a chain-coffee-carnival on any given moment of madness. Self-Care is a calling, really. A drive to strive for inner peace and harmony within ones own frantic state of “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING” life. 

I have taken on the importance of this thing called “Self-Care” only to find I really suck at it. And I’m not the only one! (Thank God!)

Please be aware of the dangers of said “Self-Care” movement.

5 tips to avoid while caring for one-self

(Children, pets and Adults, please do not try these alone at home)

1.    Home Facials.  

I am on a tight budget so I thought I’d be crafty and create my own facial to help pull the impurities of the week out of my oversized struggling dull pores.

Note to self: Before you apply the created facial make sure it has fully cooled after you’ve blended all of the ingredients and cooked in a stainless steal designer pan. The redness you will see on my face this Sunday at church is not the “summer glow” I was going for. I so wish the woman in the self-help video mentioned that temperature mattered.

2.    Mani/Pedi

Now, I’ve had several of these so it’s not like you can go wrong. Right? Wrong! Again, remember, I’m on a budget so I took matters into my own hands! (HAHA! Get it!?)

I gathered my polish remover, cotton balls, a towel to keep from making a mess and a beautiful bright blue polish color to show off my sassy side!

Note to self: Do not leave polish remover lid off while trying to scrub 12 layers of multiple colored polish off your toes. I wonder if I sprinkle the polish remover over all of my rug to get a fun splatter effect?

3.    Do Something New

Alright! This is what I’m talking about! I love trying new things! So I decided I was going to cover a chair that I have with some crazy fun fabric! My girlfriend said she has been using a hot-glue gun to adhere fabric to fabric and the chairs she showed me that she had done that way…let’s just say they’re AH-MAZING!!!

I picked up some fun discounted fabric and pulled out my hot glue gun to create this masterpiece of furniture! Who needs to pay an upholsterer hundreds of dollars when I can save all kinds of money! And care for myself all at the same time!

Note to self: Paint your nails after you upholster chair. Also keep the glue gun on a lower temperature as to not leave pieces of your skin on your newly designed chair. Oh, and just don’t do this one unless you have the supervision of an adult. A very crafty/know what they’re doing adult! Maybe I can donate said chair to the circus.

4.    Do Yoga

Now, I’m a Christian and I believe somewhere in the Christian Handbook for Beginners it says in there that we aren’t supposed to do Yoga cause we don’t want to worship sun-gods in a downward dog position. I read the C.H.F.B book years ago and feel I’ve pretty much graduated to advanced Christian because I’ve led a Bible Study, so I’ll put Jesus worship music on while doing The Warrior III. (I mean, come on! Look at the name! Warrior is in the Bible!)

Note To Self: Just because you’re flexible doesn’t mean you’re in good shape. If you see me at church Sunday please do not make a comment about my awesome new strut. And that pained look on my reddened face probably means I’m praying really hard. (You should be too. Just sayin’.)

5.    Cook A Gourmet Meal

I love to cook! So of course this is going to be relaxing and fun. Yes, I know. I’m on a budget! So I looked up meals to make from ingredients that are already in your home.

Note to Self: Check dates before using them. Oh, and I may not be at church Sunday.

The important things I’ve learned through self-care

A.     When we try to force caring for ourselves and put high expectations on the outcome, it may back-fire slightly.

B.     Self-Care should be something we do on a consistent basis. Then really it’s not just about “self-care” it’s about being mindful of the one body, mind and spirit God gave us and we should be in constant care mode. 

C.     Make sure you stretch before doing Yoga. Which is really confusing because isn’t Yoga essentially stretching?

D.    When we find ourselves completely depleted at the end of a day or week I believe we need to find our peace in God’s Word and presence not in the outside world to care for us.

E.     Food poisoning is not self-care

F.     Get over yourself. When we focus on ourselves ALL the time we narrow our world down to just us. When your source becomes yourself we lose the true Source of life. God longs to touch the hurting places, heal you, nourish you, fuel you, give you life and care deeply for you.