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You Are Yourself

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You Are Yourself

“Just be yourself.”, Says the world. 

OK… Which me am I supposed to be? The dramatic one? The sleepy one? The weepy part of me? Or the one that just wants to crawl in a hole and never come out again, me? 

What about the goofy and silly one? The part of me that uses different accents to explain a funny event.

Or the one that uses jokes to deflect from something that’s too serious but eventually talks about the hard issue. 

What about the scared part of me? The part that feels like I can’t do anything right and if I could what’s the point?

What about the moody one or the one at wants to serve justice to every wrong? What about the angry one that sees the world crumbling when she gets on social media or the news and/or watches somebody do horrible things to somebody else? What about the defeated part of me or the part that has been betrayed?

What about the triggered part? The part that remembers all of the abuse viscerally in my body and can see the pictures in my mind as clear as the sun shining in the sky. 

The dreamer who creates tons of ideas in my head? The artist part that loves to paint or craft or decorate the house? 

Who is me? 

Who am I truly when all the parts represent a fraction of me. 

How do you ask someone to just be themselves

Especially when we are all in the middle still discovering who we are.

Don’t limit yourself to a “just” picture that the world tries to mold you into. 


Every part of you is unlimited! Powerful! And most importantly… Who you are created to be!

The wrestler. The weary. The wide-eyed. The wishy-washy. The wanderer. The wounded. The weak. The wise. 

Who I am & who I will be is the warrior. 

Each warrior combats every one of the mentions above. Don’t allow a “just be you” to ruin the vastness of your potential even in the midst of questions. 

Be you.

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